service options checklist

Our philosophy is that the needs of our clients should be met in the safest, most convenient and effective way. Our services may seem costly, so if the needed services can be provided to a client in a more economical way - by family, friends, agencies or other alternative resources, we will attempt to locate and coordinate these resources to benefit the client.

Daughters & Company® services fall into several basic categories. Please review the following checklist and indicate those categories which are most likely to be necessary for the Client.

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Property Management
Repairs / Maintenance / Seasonal Adjustments
      Security Alarm Technician
      Pool Service

Select / Purchase / Repair Dispose of Furnishing-Equipment

Clean comfortable automobile and driver for:
      Community Events
      Visits to Friends and Family
      Religious Activities
      Exercise Programs
      Health Care Appointments
      Shopping Excursions
      Bank Business
      Hair/Nail Care
Encouragement and support when client's driving must be curtailed
Wheelchair for convenience and conservation of client's energy

Identify residential needs, level of service required
Evaluate premises for safety and convenience
Rearrange furnishings for aesthetics and convenience
Clean, install, modify inside and outside of home
Facilitate transition to:
      Cooperative Living (with family or friends)
      Retirement Community
      Independent Living
      Assisted Living
      Long Term Nursing or Alzheimer's Care
Supervision of relocation activities

Financial Management
Cash Flow Analysis:
      Social Security
      Veterans Benefits
      Pension Disbursements
      Expenses and Debts
      Reverse Mortgage
Gather documents for tax preparation
Aid to real estate refinance
Pre-need funeral planning
Review solicitations to buy, invest, or contribute
Bill paying, manage checking / investment accounts
Develop filing system, organize documents, monitor accounts, correct errors

Health Care Management
Note and report symptoms
Assist with exercise
Respond to poor mental attitude
Obtain assessment of health needs
Companion/monitor for medical appointments
Keep diary of medical events and follow up instructions
Transfer medical records to specialists or care facilities
Medication management (refill, schedule, check usage)
Locate and install equipment
Assemble personal care and convenience items for hospital stay or travel
Respond to increased needs at time of surgery or other medical crisis
Handle insurance claims, Medicare notices
Encouragement during illness
Arrange for seasonal flu shots, other preventative measures
Advocacy, coordinate with other care providers and family
Promote response by health care providers
Address Supplemental Needs:
      Hearing Aid
      Physical Therapy / Exercise

Task Helper
Sort, answer mail
Sort, catalog, store, rearrange collections, keepsakes, photographs
Organize clothing, simple repairs
Locate lost/misplaced articles
Assist with lawn, houseplants
Laundry, dry cleaning
Decorate residence
Select, install appliances/equipment
Encourage participation in hobbies, special events
Gift selection, wrapping, delivery or shipping
Support for holiday celebrations (invitations, food, decorations, thank you's)
Grocery delivery or assistance with purchasing groceries and household supplies, meal planning, storage
Monitor freshness of perishables
Arrange for trash disposal
Companion for visits or travel away from home, arrange accommodations

Facilitate response to emergencies
Organize and maintain key sets
Assist with titles, recording
Resolve disputes with vendors
Review insurance coverage

Personal Care
Monitor wardrobe changes and cleanliness
Encourage personal hygiene:
      Denture Cleaning
      Hair/Nail Care
Linen changes
Kitchen and bathroom cleanliness
Reduce clutter
Emergency alert system - Lifeline, pager, notices in home
Regular telephone contacts
Respond to grief and uncertainty of death of spouse, other family, or friend
Verification/reminder of appointments
Maintain contact with family and friends
Personal support at home, hospital or other setting
Comfort and assurance in absence of family or friends
Objective observation of physical or mental changes
Informal dispute mediation with family, vendors, neighbors
Reports to designated persons only