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Jane's Story

Sarah came home for a Thanksgiving visit and was shocked to see how much her mom's health had deteriorated. Jane lived in her own home and was determined not to move to Arizona. There was no way Sarah could leave her job at this time to move back to Kansas. Sarah faced a myriad of matters needing attention and did not know how she could get it done from so far away.

Fortunately, before she returned to Arizona, Sarah heard about Daughters & Company®. Final arrangements were made via telephone and fax. A Staff Daughter was introduced to Jane quickly and medical appointments and procedures were arranged and coordinated by the Staff Daughter. Within the first month, the Staff Daughter and Jane went out for lunch, took shopping trips, visited a museum, and went for a drive to see the holiday lights.

When Sarah wanted her mom to move to an assisted living facility, the Staff Daughter coordinated arrangements between the facility and the out of state daughter and provided constancy during the transition period. Now that Jane has settled into assisted living, her Staff Daughter continues to visit, advocate for her and take her on outings.